ADR: Appropriate (dispute) Resolutions Training

Negotiation, mediation, mediation advocacy & arbitration
The important advantage of this training is that it is directly applicable in your current work situation. During this course you will learn: 
Gain insight into methods for conflict resolution
Develop yourself into a professional mediator who knows the legal aspects of the various conflict resolution methods
Reinforce your negotiation and intermediation skills
Support parties through coaching and empowerment

Course Programme

  • Module 1: Basic ADR skills & skills refresher
  • Module 2: Negotiation
  • Module 3: Mediation
  • Module 4: Legal aspects of ADR
  • Module 5: Mediation advocacy 
  • Module 6: cultural issues & confidentiality
ADR advantage disadvantage
Mediation keep control; own solution no claim strategy
Complaint procedure company keeps control respect of employees
Arbitration peer / expert resolution out of control
trial binding claim judgment out of control
judicial settlement judge compares positions out of control
court annexed mediation good reference non-voluntary
med-arb resolution if no mediation non-voluntary solution

Mediation    content: conversation- & negotiations techniques ; Harvard methods    for    Human Recourse Management; police; mediators
Court annexed mediation    content: Mediation, criteria, your capacities, Harvard methods    for    Human Recourse Management; judges; police
Complaints counseling     content: methods, emotions & complaint Law    for    Human Recourse Management; counselors; Complaint Committee

Who can take the course? Lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, judges, arbiters, pro-bono attorneys, bankers, managers, organisational consultants, administrators, directors, General Counsels, Secretaries to Boards of Management, members of hospital medical staffs and professors. In order to be admitted to the Course you must have had preferable higher education / university and have proficiency in the English language at conversational level

Of course we make arrangements according to your needs and comments. Our In Company training are known for interactivity and concentrate on best practice. There will be one trainer controlling the learning aspects. Several different trainers can be invited to perform specific tasks. Our best practice will be trained with actors and/or video feedback. All trainers are qualified en certified in their specific field. According to the feedback we received, Empathy.nLaw trainers have an inspiring way of presentation. The maximum attendees is 12. See data open application training

Michael Boelrijk, Bert la Poutre
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€ 1.999,00
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