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  Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute

Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute - Appropriate Training

  Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute
Ordering online is save, fast and efficient. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and your order will be sent to our office for asap offer-return and dispatch. Of course you will receive an invoice. After payment we also inform the service provider directly that payment has been made.
If you like we can also help in negotiating a good deal that makes all parties happy. To read details of the ordered service, kindly log in on your servicepage. Legal information, Terms & Conditions of Services always apply please check Empathy Terms & Conditions Registration Camber of Commerce Amsterdam 34110166 since 1997. We made most effort to inform you properly.
ADR Institute provides since 1997 courses and skill training for professionals with a law degree and academic-level mediators. Our core business is Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR): effective conflict resolution to suit your individual needs. Our mission is to use and apply the skills of Harvard negotiating and mediation in our Master of Dispute Resolution Training, prevention of conflict escalation.

During the past decade the ADR Institute proved to be a prominent training Institute in the Netherlands. We lead the way in developing solid and thorough training programmes that provide more than just a collection of different skills. ADR Institute specializes in negotiating for attorneys, the role of attorneys in mediation (mediation advocacy), mediation skills for party advisors and communication training for public officials.

For lawyers, we offer special (in company) training suited to your needs. You can choose from a wide diversity of conflict resolution techniques: from negotiating to mediation in the shadow of the law to arbitration. Our courses always offer training on an academic level focused on skills. The ADR Institute provides instructors that are all highly qualified with didactic skills, experience and academic backgrounds. Our programmes are renowned for the high quality of the instructors and teachers. We cooperate as much as possible with our clients in order to guarantee in company training that are best suited to your needs and that are of the highest quality.
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