Abstract of the International ADR register Mediator factsheet
All certificate holders have completed the INT.ADR.REG accredited basic professional education program or at the discretion of INT.ADR.REG an evidently similar education program.
Professional basic training courses are provided by INT.ADR.REG accredited institutes.
Contact the INT.ADR.REG accredited institute in your region for specific information and prices. 
If you have completed a study with a non accredited institute you can apply for an individual
curriculum accreditation. Additional to the regular costs extra accreditation costs will be charged as quoted.
Besides the professional basic training course the candidate mediator has completed a relevant general pre-education program (academy, higher college or university) or demonstrates at the discretion of INT.ADR.REG a similar level of knowledge, skills and experience.
A completed professional basic training course has a permanent validation.

The knowledge test is available as online web based open source examination.
Under conditions it is possible to participate in a (personal) live knowledge test with an assessor. Application is only allowed if the professional basic training is completed.
Time: 1 clock hour
Questions: 35 multi-choice questions
Type: Standard: online open source test
Exception: live test with assessor, only with written medical indication or INT.ADR.REG board decision 
Cutting score: 74,3% (score ≥26 passed) A completed knowledge test has a 5 year validation.
Dutch Knowledge test mediation, monthly every 1st Tuesday, 20.00 – 21.00 hours
Dutch Knowledge test mediation, monthly every 1st Wednesday, 09.30 – 10.30 hours
International (English) Schedule is to be arranged, please contact for individual test appointment.

In the Netherlands the skills test is organized frequently. Internationally we are setting up a
schedule. Please contact our office to make your individual arrangements. Application is only
allowed if the professional basic training is completed.
Time: 45 minutes
Type: Individual video assessment with actors
Individual live assessment with actors + video, location training institute
Individual live assessment, real time mediation, location candidate
Judgment: 2x independent assessor, testcriteria International ADR Register
A completed skills test has a 2 year validation.

To apply for the certification as International ADR Certified Mediator complete the application
form and return the completed & signed form together with all obligatory documents to our
office. All obligatory documents are specified in the application form.

The Dutch NMI theoretical exam contents:
Mediation 10 questions
Conflicttheorie 9 questions
Negotiation theorie 8 questions
Professional Skills 9 questions
Ethiek en Rules of conduct 6 questions
Juridical Aspects 8 questions
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