Mediation training

ADR Institute is an international acknowledged Mediation Training Institute in accordance with both Dutch Mediator's protocols and the European Standards and European Code of Conduct.
Empathy-Law ADR Institute is linked to Empathy.nLaw in the Netherlands.
Empathy-Law ADR Institute has got its international licences:
++to provide Basic mediation courses for new professionals in the field of mediation
++to provide a variety of specializing courses for experienced mediators.
Since 1999 trainers of our institute have educated some hundreds of new mediators.

Course The full qualifying professional course is conform the ADR protocol, takes 64 hours and is covering the primary principals set in the ADR-register objectives.
Objectives The learning objectives are:
+ The person of the mediator
+ The dimensions of mediation
+ The methods and techniques a mediator must master to fulfil his role as a professional
+ The professional standards
+ The person of the mediator
The mediator must be aware of the impact of his interventions on his clients. He needs to apply his competencies to the benefit of his clients. He has to master a lot of competencies to act as a professional mediator. The mediator must know that he has prejudices.
Methods and Techniques Intervention techniques that will be trained are paraphrasing, summarizing, the structure of questioning, working with time perspective, paradoxes & caucus.
The professional standards As example Protocol attention will be paid to the European Code of Conduct for mediators.
Certificate Having met with all the requirements the participant will have the possibility to receive a certificate for registration in the ADR-register. This certificate is in accordance to European Standards. The exam is in accordance with the requirements of the ADR-register. After the examination students can apply for admission as a registered mediator.
Requirements: a minimum of a bachelor education or a combination of advanced Academic education and professional experience. Three years of professional working experience.

Mediation Training



1. communication skills

listen, summarize, interrogation

explore problem

2. negotiation

Harvard methode

differentiate position and interests

3. mediation technique

mediation phases

distinguish phases

4. mediation technique

technique phases

manage phases

5. integrate techniques

transition phases

finish negotiation

6. improvement 

iliminate deadlocks


7. assessment

information & select

ADR information

8. organisation


support &embedding

For the Thailand training these words can be useful:
ผู้ไกล่เกลี่ย [pu cly clear] = mediator
การไกล่เกลี่ย [can cly clear] = mediation
อนุญาโตตุลาการ [anyu ton ta la klan] = arbitrator
การฝึกอบรมการไกล่เกลี่ย [can sut op-prom can cly clear]= mediation training

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