All coaching includes feedback from Michael Boelrijk, Doctor of Laws, Master of Arts and Senior Negotiation & mediation Instructor. Michael Boelryk obtained his Law degree in Amsterdam in 1991. In 1992 he became Master in Criminology. Michael Boelryk received his Doctorate in Law in 1998. He worked as assistant professor in Criminal Law in Amsterdam. He is mastermind of MediationAdvice & author of Dispute Resolution handbooks Mediation as Alternative (2001);Communication in workplace safety (2003) & Mediation for Referral (2005) and other checklists and publications.

Peter de Vries recommends Michael: “The Dance Universe Society is proudly sponsored by Michael's firm. We asked him to make photographs of the shows we had in the past. Not only did he make the most amazing pictures he also helped as stage-manager and assistant in a natural way. We didn't have to ask him anything he just saw what needed to be done and did it with a smile! It was not only fun to have him around at a production, all over the country, it is so good to know you can rely on someone who supports you when you need it most.”
Voucher includes totally personalized package of accomodation; lunch; professional.
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